Metadata Exchanger


Metadata Exchanger or Meta-X is a powerful cloud-based metadata processing system that simplifies the process of metadata delivery to multiple devices. Meta-X ingests metadata from CMS or other content libraries, enriches metadata, validates metadata, filters metadata attributes, transforms and then produces a final metadata feed, which can be consumed by device app for building content navigation and browsing.

Meta-X leverages Big Data and AWS cloud infrastructure for massively scalability. Meta-X exposes simple programmatic APIs, making app level integration easy.

Metadata Transformation

Meta-X imports content metadata from multiple sources and ensures common formatting for further processing. Meta-X provides parsing and common metadata library with auto-sync.

Metadata Enrichment

Basic metadata may need to be enriched with additional metadata attributed for third-party metadata services, such as IMDB. Meta-X allows automatic enrichment via integration with any third-party metadata service.

Publish Workflow Automation

Meta-X also drives end-to-end metadata update workflow automation. For example, Meta-X can combine title metadata with other metadata generated from media processing or from a publishing system to compile the final metadata ready for consumption by device/apps.

Feed validation

Meta-X does automatic feed validation to ensure that any feed delivered to devices is checked for accuracy in terms of mandatory fields.

Automatic playlists

Meta-X allows programmatic ways to build playlists based on the composition of one or more attributes.

Tag based filtering

Meta-X allows the operator to use tags for filtering content in producing the final metadata feed. Custom tags can also be defined.


Meta-X provides multiple rules for contextualization, which can device-based, user-based, service-based, geo-based and more. Operators can set up various business rules to define custom contextualization requirements.