Need for TV Data Intelligence


Subscriber Engagement

Understanding the subscriber habits and interest is key to making actionable steps in refining the service. Unlike simple number statistics, we derive deep insights about subscriber engagement via analyzing individual subscriber level journey at various dimensions. We are able to extract key insights such as predicting churn, understanding key requirements of loyal subscribers, key factors affecting subscriber engagements.

Quality of Experience

Quality of Experience monitoring and analysis is key in keeping subscriber satisfied. We have real-time data stream based QoE monitoring and analysis. We track multiple QoE metrics including loading time, buffering frequency, bandwidth availability, playback errors and bit-rates at each device level. Beyond providing direct QoE analysis, we correlate QoE data to find out its impact on churn.

Service Operation Intelligence

Modern TV Apps across multiple devices consumes multiple services. The health and availability of the service APIs are an important part of delivering a robust service to end consumers. We have sophisticated framework to monitor key metrics for service health and availability targeting any application services as well as CDNs. Operators can leverage such intelligence to improve the overall service quality for subscribers.

Business and Marketing Intelligence

We leverage correlations across multiple contexts and acquired data sets to build a 360-degree comprehensive map supporting business and marketing intelligence that has no limit. Furthermore, we leverage learning algorithms to provide deeper insights into areas such as marketing impact, revenue forecasts, churn predictions, conversion predictions and beyond.

Content Performance Insights

Content acquisition and curation is the basic step to keep subscriber engaged and satisfied with the service. It is important to understand the kind of content subscribers are interested in. Content performance insights helps service provider with deep insights into content acquisition targets by subscriber types, content types by different tags such as cast, genre or plots etc. Furthermore, insights into freshness and relevancy of content into customer satisfactions are derived for improving the content performance.

Customer Care Intelligence

With complex services and array of devices, customer support is becoming difficult and complex. Customer care service intelligence keeps track of all issues at individual and aggregate subscriber level. Such information can easily streamline customer care and reduce time to resolve an issue.